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Online Exhibition: Second Daytime

Second Daytime
an online exhibition of performance art on video
February­ - August 2018

Second Daytime is an exhibition presented by Ortega y Gasset Projects on the Ortega y Gasset website It is an exhibition of video documentation of women artists performing solo in locations outside of (but nearby) their studios. 

Looking back to the birth of video art when the Portapak became available, artists brought this previously unreachable technology into their studios to utilize it as a multi-use tool. Because of its low cost, portability, and immediacy the tenor of much early video art was experimental, and used as a tool for protest and reflection on identity. Second Daytime seeks to use the medium of video in its essential way again, as an immediate, experimental art medium for poignant contemplation as well as social and political resistance.

Each of the performance artists featured is recorded by the curator Sarah Rushford in the artists surroundings, using a single camera, available daylight only, little or no camera movement, and minimal editing. Second Daytime will unfold over a period of several months beginning with Cayla Skillin-Brauchle who performed Conduit on January 26, 2018 at Willamette University in Salem Oregon, where she teaches and maintains her art practice.


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